Mixed Bitch Recording Studios

About Us

Robert Lippmann (Founder, CEO, and Chief Engineer)  Prior to embarking in a career in engineering, Rob has been in the IT and Venture Capital industries.  Finding these fields unsatisfying, he returned to his true love, music.

After listening to a great deal of "Modern" Rock, Rob was turned off by the over-produced, and generic sound that seemed to be prevalent.  This mainstreaming of music horrified his early punk/goth/industrial/alternative sensibilities and made him determined to try to engineer music that was more about the artists' performance and passion than the nifty tricks that could be performed by modern technology.

After completing basic engineering studies at
Cue Recording, in 2008, to learn hands on recording techniques, he went on to realize his dream.

Prior to founding Mixed Bitch, Rob was a Director of
Columbus Ventures, and Vice President of IMS Ventures, and held programmer and consultant positions with Oracle.

Brigid and Pikachu (Vice Presidents Security and Hospitality)

Pikachu been employed as Mr. Lippmann's Head of Security, Greeter, and Backup Alarm System for over 7 years since her adoption from the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria. Her youth and enthusiasm are enough to bring a smile to even Morrissey's face.

Brigid had been employed previously employed as Mr. Lippmann's personal Backup Alarm System, Head of Security, and Greeter for over a decade and a half since her adoption from the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria until her passing in the Spring of 2012.


Robert Lippmann has had the pleasure of working with the following artists over the years:

A Sound of Thunder

American Giant


H. T. Eggers

Mr. Ann Peake


Thorpe Singers

Brook Yoder